Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I require a referral from my GP?

While some people may be referred to us by their regular GP or a specialist, you are welcome to book an appointment with any of our clinicians without a referral.

How much will it cost me?

Our appointment costs vary between each clinician type, with standard fees for each initial and subsequent appointment as follows:



Initial (60min) $109

Subsequent (30min) $96



Initial (60min) $109

Subsequent (30min) $96



Initial (60min) $195

Subsequent (60min) $195


A 10% discount applies for Children under 18, Students and Seniors, and 25% discount for Health Care Card holders and Pensioners.

Zip Pay is also available in our clinic if you wish to divide any payment into weekly $10 instalments.

Can I get Medicare or Private Health rebates?

Yes, you can.

We accept Medicare Care Plans and all Private Health Insurance cards.


Medicare Care Plans

Medicare Care Plans made by your regular GP can provide a significant cost reduction when seeing our clinicians.

These can include:

– Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plans

– Mental Health Treatment (MHT) Plans

– Eating Disorder Treatment and Management (EDTM) Plans

A person can be eligible for multiple care plans at the same time, depending on their health status.

Our patients we see under Medicare Care Plans aren’t bulk billed, with bulk billing implying that the total consult fee is covered by Medicare.

Our clinic bills patients at our usual rate, minus the care plan rebate and any other eligible concessions (e.g. Health Care Card, Pensioners, etc), resulting in only a minimal fee remaining.


Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance rebates are available (e.g. HBF, Bupa, etc), with the rebate amount varying depending on your level of cover.

This can range from around $20 in some patients, to others including a gap saver that covers their full consult fee.

If you are unsure of what your eligible rebate may be, it’s best you contact your Private Health Insurer to confirm.

Why are NDIS fees different to your standard fees, and do you have to charge the full NDIS rate?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) hourly rate for Allied Health providers (clinicians) is set by the Federal Government, with variations depending on which state treatment is given, as well as for rural and remote participants (patients).

All providers are able to choose their rate to treat, with the NDIS rates set as a maximum allowable rate.

As NDIS participants require a fair degree of administrative preparation and ongoing management outside of consultation time, by both our administrative team and providers, the fee as set by NDIS, when compared with treating private billing patients, is seen as fair to the clinicians as well as participants.

Our Motor Vehicle and Workers’ Compensation patients in comparison are currently billed at a similar hourly rate, as set by WorkCover WA, a branch of the Government of WA.

While they also require administrative management, it is generally to a lesser extent than the numerous stakeholders often involved within an NDIS participant’s optimal management and ongoing care.

Our standard fees have been set at a lesser hourly rate than NDIS and WorkCover WA as a means of providing affordable healthcare to our local community and beyond.

What do I wear to an appointment?

Feel free to wear whatever is comfortable to you.

If you’re planning to see the Physio for an injury or for some exercises, it’s best to wear trousers/shorts instead of a skirt or dress.

Should I bring in results from wearable trackers and watches?

Yes please, if you have any.

Wearables are becoming increasingly popular and can carry important health data that can assist us in best assessing your health and any recent change.

Can I bring someone to the appointment with me?

We prefer it if possible.

Having a partner/friend/the whole family present can provide support, as well as help remember important details discussed during your consults.

What should I bring to my appointment?

If you have any results from previous blood tests or diagnostic imaging (X-ray/MRI, etc) that you think may be relevant, please bring them in.

Sometimes we can access these results online, with your permission.

A medication list is also helpful if you already have one, otherwise this can be requested from your regular GP.

Is there parking on-site?

Parking is available at the front of the building, as well as at Nations Church next door.

Verge parking is also available in front of both the clinic and church, with a total of 65 nearby parking bays.

Am I allowed to record a conversation with a clinician during a consult?

It can be very helpful to have a recorded consult to listen to at a later stage and help remember key points discussed.

If you are considering recording a conversation, please let your clinician know in advance and be sure everyone in the room has given consent before recording.

Should I tell the clinician if I’m taking any supplements or vitamins?

Yes, please do.

Many people feel uncomfortable discussing supplements and alternative remedies with a clinician, in case they may be treated differently or be discouraged to take them.

With growing research in the role supplements and probiotics/prebiotics can play in optimising our health, we’re open to discussion with regard to your current or planned regimen.

For any other questions, feel free to email us on