WLC Medical is an NDIS registered Allied Health clinic with a collective focus on overall health and disability support.

NDIS Registered

WLC Medical provides our patients with the most comprehensive and customised treatment available delivered by specialist clinicians (Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Psychology) in a comfortable, attractive and accessible practice environment.

Our focus is towards improving the health and wellbeing of our patients.

At WLC Medical we have the ability to assess and treat a broad range of patients, which include but are not limited to; General aches and pains, Occupational/Sports injuries, Anxiety/Depression disorders, Mental Health Treatment, Workers’ Compensation, Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plans, Weight Management (above and below a healthy weight range), plus so much more.

The key to reaching and maintaining your best health is to discover your…

Why can't I maintain
my old injuries?
Why do I have certain
habits and behaviours that
self-sabotage my best efforts?
Why is my health
not what it used to be?

Once you can discover your “Why”, you can then begin your journey toward your “What” and “How”, being in control of your own health, with the support of the WLC Medical team alongside you.

Our Vision

A happier and healthier Australia.

Our Mission

To provide our patients with the most comprehensive and customised treatment available.

Our Values

Honesty, Transparency, Support, Collaboration and Ingenuity.

Our Why

To help others be at their happiest and healthiest, for themselves and those around them.

Our Plan

To have a collaborative approach to benefit our patients and the wider community.



Recognise that our health is determined by many factors, both within and beyond our control. Once we can determine what aspects of our daily living may contribute to good or poor health, it can help pave the road to improvement.


Education of our clientele in how to best manage our health for both short term and long term goals. Becoming aware of potential barriers to improving our health, and how to overcome them, is also most important.


Assisting and supporting people along the way as they learn how to better look after themselves and gain control of both their health and that of those around them.


Community involvement, including sponsorship of local sporting teams and collaborating with our local GPs and businesses.


Happiness should not be sacrificed for the sake of healthiness. The process of reaching and maintaining your health related goals may be challenging, but can also be most rewarding as you progress and learn along the way.