Michelle Sladden – Dietitian

Positive sustainable lifestyle changes that fit

Michelle Sladden - Dietician

Michelle Sladden – Dietitian

I will help you to make positive sustainable lifestyle changes that fit with where you are at in life to help manage your health. Over my career I have treated people from all walks of life with a varied social background and different clinical conditions. I help you to make goals that are as realistic, positive and achievable as possible.

Since graduating from university 25 years ago I have worked in all clinical areas, both within hospital and community practice settings. I have worked in the UK and Australia both in rural and remote, as well as large metropolitan locations.

I am the mother of two teen daughters, both of whom have coeliac disease and follow a gluten free diet, as do I. This means I have long personal experience of what it means and how it feels to require a diet for clinical care of your health.

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I feel fortunate to have such a varied clinical and teaching workload; and can say honestly that after 25 years I still enjoy my job. I gain great pleasure from seeing people (who may initially be reticent to see a dietitian) change to feeling positive and safe with me as their cheerleader and a member of their health support team.

Focussing on the positive clinical outcomes of clients making even small changes to diet and lifestyle is a big part of the satisfaction of this job.

I also understand that gaining trust from clients is very important and I often find that time is well spent getting to know a client just talking about other aspects of their life enables a more well rounded clinical relationship and leads to better more appropriate goal setting to be made. Come and see me for a chat!

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Expertise & Speciality

Weight Management
Diabetes Mellitus
Coronary Heart Disease
hypercholesterolemia, hypertension
Gut Disorders
IBS, coeliac disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Fatty Liver Disease
Chronic Medical Disease care
General Healthy Eating and nutrition assessment


Bachelor of Science
University of Sydney (1995)
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
University of Sydney (1997)


Accrediting Practising Dietitian for 25 years
Working as a mentor with novice new graduate dietitians helping to guide them in their professional journey.
Over 15 years as a sessional academic teacher at Curtin University
Teaching first year health students the foundations of professional practice.

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