Andrea Kunneke – Dietitian

Maintain your focus and motivation to ensure the long-term success

Andrea Kunneke - Dietitian Perth

Andrea Kunneke – Dietitian

A dietitian is a trained nutritional professional who strives to provide patients with the skills to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The goal of each session is to provide you with the tools to make better, healthier decisions to reach your health goals. Along with the education, a dietitian also ensures that you maintain the focus and motivation to ensure the long-term success.

Andrea has a passion for providing individuals with the nutrition knowledge and skills required to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle. She focuses on providing nutrition education and incorporating healthy nutrition habits into the individuals existing lifestyle in a manner that is maintainable.

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Why I Love What I Do

I love Dietetics and what I do because everyone is so incredibly unique, and therefore not a day goes by without a challenge.

Food is such an important part of our lives, and each person has a different relationship with it.

Working with my patients to find out what works for them is so rewarding, especially when you see the great results that come from it!

Our Dietitian’s


Weight management
Chronic disease management and prevention
Diabetes management
Irritable bowel syndrome
Food allergies and intolerances
Gut health
Intermittent fasting
Vegetarian/ vegan diets


Bachelor of Science (Dietetics)
Stellenbosch University, South Africa (2015)


Ngwelezane Hospital (2016)
Andrea Kunneke Dietetics Practice (2017-2018)
Gateway and Umhlanga Hospital (2018-2019)
Total Body Nutrition (Current)
WLC Medical (Current)

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