How does it all work?

To put it simply, weight management is complex

Many factors influence our weight, such as varying activity levels, widely available, affordable and highly processed food, a change in the nature of our diets, stress and mental health concerns, environmental factors and increasingly busy and demanding lifestyles.

With more people in Australia now outside a healthy weight than those within a healthy weight range, one key message must be stressed first and foremost; it’s not your fault.

The way we live has changed dramatically over the past 50 years, resulting in improved efficiency in how we live and work, at the expense of our health and well-being.

The impact of being outside a healthy weight range and its associated health problems, including but not limited to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer, places a significant burden on individuals, families, communities and governments.

It is the need for a holistic approach to reverse what has been a continually growing problem in Australia that WLC Medical aims to fill, in providing an affordable and evidence-based service that will benefit those in need in managing their health.

WLC Medical offers a comprehensive program customised to each person’s needs, from initial consult to continued management beyond reaching your target goal with annual check-ups, to re-assess and review.

The program below is designed as a guide for people wanting structure in their overall plan. This can be modified depending on your availability and personal preferences, e.g. multiple appointments per week or breaks between appointments.

9 Week Start-Up (9WSU)

  • 1 appointment per week over 9 weeks, beginning with a Physiotherapy consult for clinical history and assessment, including a Body Composition Analysis to assess your overall mass distribution (muscle/fat/water, etc).
  • Your choice of order of the next 2 consults between the Dietitian and Psychologist over the following 2 weeks.
  • Weeks 4-6 consist of the same order of clinicians over the 3 weeks, as well as Weeks 7-9.

3 Month Follow-Up (3MFU)

  • 3 appointments over 3 weeks, at 3 months from your last appointment with each clinician during the 9WSU.
  • You are welcome to book appointments with any clinician between the 9WSU and 3MFU, for any reason either related or unrelated to weight management.

12 Month Check-Up (12MCU)

  • 3 appointments over 3 weeks after reaching your target health goals.
  • The 12MCU is an annual check-up with all 3 clinicians, in conjunction with your regular GP.